On the Outskirts of a Wound

Sunran kwon, exposition

Sun Ran Kwon, Oil painting.

The brush spreads the sides of mountains
And comes into the world’s magma
The colour is torn from the elementary stomach
And spits on canvas the ocean’s flow
The tide unfurls – dense – subsides…
From infinite depth to interior chasms
Languid beaches seep still their spicy oils
Gesture hems the outskirts of a wound
The dough kneads bodies, matter, and flesh
In the distance, a light dream shivers the frontiers
Kwon Sun Ran has oceans turned into volcanoes, then
Wakes, dumbstruck
The primitive energy has petrified her Swiftly
She dives the brush back into many a universe, in Time’s mud
Where urgency rises – anterior and vital.

Emmanuel Souchier, 2013